January Shirt Bling Club

January 2014 Shirt & Bling Club

GSBC Jan Photo

Total Retail Value: $77

Shirt: Girls Scoop Neck Tshirt                         BUY NOW

This is a very nice teal shirt with a scoop neck. The soft cotton has a easy Ladies fit. The front of this teal design has a I’m Not Just a Girl on the right side with a large crown. The crown on this shirt has 6 large rhinestones. (There is another shirt available with NO Rhinestones. The back has the angel wings. All the black print is not thick, it is a distressed look. 

Bling: Pink and Red Salt & Pepper Shakers                                 BUY NOW
Limited amount! BUY NOW! (Sugar Shaker no longer available)

These fun, blinged out Salt and Pepper Shakers are perfect to hold the photos that you want to set out for everyone to see. They are available in red and pink gem stones along with the ribbon to match.

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im not just a girl teal with rhinestone front sideA Crown, some Bling and Angel Wings make this teal shirt absolutely unique.  A gentle scoop neck and soft teal color to add a little color to our wardrobe.  I knew I wanted something with a crown and angel wings, but wasn’t sure how to put it together.  Larry from TheSickLine Clothing helped me design this simple yet very strong statement tshirt.

We originally released this design at the 2013 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.  It was delivered to me in Moab and I stayed up all night blinging out the first set in the trailer. There were teal shirts everywhere!  By the following afternoon I was able to wrap and ribbon them to take out to AreaBFE where they sell the I’m Not Just a Girl shirts for me…the profits go to benefit their property.  It was a huge hit!  With this run, I am also introducing it in a sweatshirt / light jacket form. A little darker blue, a little smaller crown, and VERY cute!  Be sure to check it out online!
Website:  www.ImNotJustAGirl.com    Facebook Page:   www.Facebook.com/ImNotJustaGirl1


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About the Bling:
Pink salt and pepper shakersAre you made of Sugar & Spice or Salt & Pepper?  That was the big question…and since I didn’t have the perfect answer we went with designing a full set for your table.  Fun and Unique!

The Sugar & Spice shaker is filled with ideas that you and your friend, husband, boyfriend can go out and do.  Sometimes we need to add a little spice and randomness to our life!

The Salt & Pepper shaker is filled with dirt…just sayin’!   Grab a couple of cute pictures from your phone, send them to Walmart or Walgreens via their new photo printing app and add them to your table display.


 _______________  ABOUT THE BONUSES  ________________

Yes!  There is a bonus in this months package!  

Custom Splice:

Custom Splice LogoTodd & Erin, the owners of Custom Splice, are awesome.  They heard about the new girl club at SEMA and have sent us their girl tank top to be included in your package.  If you are looking to upgrade your winching experience, adding one of their custom lines or winch accessories is a great place to start.  Todd will take the time to help you understand what you have and what you need to be successful.

Custom SpliceWhat is Custom Splice?  The simple answer is they build custom winch lines.  Here is the About Us paragraph from their website… Custom Splice was started in Stillwater, Oklahoma in September of 2005 by Todd Stauffer and Erin LeGrand.  Todd had the idea for the company after some not-so-pleasant experiences with steel winch cable, and the issues of dealing with standard-length ropes. The business started with 2 diameters of AmSteel synthetic rope and a tape measure. Soon after the business started, Todd and Erin progressed into various rope diameters, honing in on specialty lengths and developing rapport with customers around the world. Now located in Lawrence, Kansas, Custom Splice has 10 diameters of rope – often available in many different colors – with options of hooks, fairleads, specialty thimbles and chaff guards. In addition to online sales, Custom Splice attends several events throughout the year to sell product and to feature the Rhino Wrecker recovery vehicle.

Website:  www.CustomSplice.com       Facebook Page:   www.Facebook.com/CustomSplice

Happy 2014!  How are you doing on your resolutions?     This month’s club shipment is full of color and has a bit of a Valentine’s theme to it if you participate in that holiday.  (I didn’t for years, lol!)  Super random fact, but my parents will be married for 41 years on 2/14/14!

Reminder: Your next shipment will be in March. Appreciate your help in letting other girls know about the club. Keep in mind, I am looking for lifestyle pictures of you wearing your shirts, so please send them as you can!  High res could make our ad campaign for 2014…

Billing Note:  I have changed the way we are taking new Club Members.  If you are fine with using Paypal, then there is no need to adjust.  If you would like to use your Credit Card instead, we have a fancy system that will give you a user area allowing you to change your size and address at any time.  It is not mandatory, it is an option.  Let me know if you would like to switch.  Charlene@BowerMedia.com or 714-394-1716.

We just started a New Club, not one that you personally will take advantage of, but one you can share with the boys…Socks & Underwear Club.  Yep, we know it’s weird, but it has been requested and a pretty big hit with those I have shown the sample package to!  This will be a perfect gift for the kid going away to college, the guy in the military or…there are so many options!  Each month we will send a pair of socks, underwear and a bonus Man Thing like deodorant or razor or…  Ha! What was I thinking!  Thanks for sharing!


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